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Tree Lacing

Tree Lacing

Tree ‘lacing’, also called tree ‘shaping’ is a fancy term for helping a tree become healthier by trimming specific branches to ensure the remaining branches are getting the nutrients they need – think of removing the weak to protect the strong. It’s designed to thin the tree, so air and light can reach all of it more uniformly, by sacrificing those weaker branches. It helps promote safety, aesthetics, and good health.

If you’re ready to try out tree lacing and see the benefits it can provide to your residential yard or commercial property, reach out to us at Rudy’s Tree Service today. We can help you find the right way to make your trees healthy again. It’s important to ensure that any trees on your property are healthy to help prevent potentially expensive problems later on down the road. Contact us online or call and our in-house arborist will get you a free estimate for your tree lacing.

Tree Lacing Service