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Our Services

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We are a full-service tree company and take pride in keeping your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals healthy and safe. There is no job too big or too small for us; we handle everything from trimming to cutting to pruning to dangerous tree removal and emergency tree removal!

Tree Trimming

If you need tree trimming, trust the professionals of Rudy’s Tree Service.

Damage Trees

Hire the most experienced arborists for tree pruning services like us.  

Dangerous Trees

Rudy’s Tree Service knows the best way to handle the crown tree issue.

Shrub Trimming

We have all the equipment needed to do tree shaping jobs, from just a trim to taking down any size tree.

Stump Grinding

We can include an addition to your stump grinding quote for grinding below ground level.

Tree Removal

We offer professional planting services at affordable prices with no contracts or hidden fees.

Tree Lacing

Tree ‘lacing’, also called tree ‘shaping’ is a fancy term for helping a tree become healthier by trimming specific branches to ensure the remaining branches are getting the nutrients they need – think of removing the weak to protect the strong.

Tree Hedging

Pruning shrubs and trimming hedges is a true art. It takes time, patience, and a bit of creativity. Tree trimming service, tree pruning service, and overall comprehensive landscape trimming can increase plant growth, reduce disease and insect infestations, improve flowering and fruiting,